That Was Fresh Vol. 1

16 Aug


Old School Hip-Hop Mix by DJ Doobius. Volume 1 in a series. Some of the more recent old school records I’ve come across seamlessly blended together for your listening orgasm. Get it.

  1. Mantronix “Bassline(Instrumental)”
  2. Whistle “(Nothing Serious) Just Buggin,”
  3. Def Jef “On The Real Tip”
  4. Steady B “Let The Hustlers Play”
  5. Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew “She Was The Type Of A Girl”
  6. T La Rock “Flow With The New Style”
  7. Cash Money & Marvelous “The Mighty Hard Rocker”
  8. Stetsasonic “Talking All That Jazz”
  9. Original Concept “Pump That Bass(Live)”
  10. Grandmixer DST “The Grand Mixer Cuts It Up”
  11. Special Ed “I’m The Magnificent(The Magnificent Remix)”
  12. King Tee “Bass”
  13. Three Times Dope “No Words(Pump N Hip Hop Remix)”
  14. Ice-T “Our Most Requested Record”
  15. Grandmaster Flash “Girls Love The Way He Spins”
  16. Rodney O & Joe Cooley “Why Must I Be Like That”
  17. Ultramagnetic MCs “Ease Back”
  18. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo “Trilogy Of Terror”
  19. Ice Cream Tee & Tony D “Keep Hushin”
  20. De La Soul “Ghetto Thang”
  21. Davy D “Davy’s Ride”
  22. Jungle Brothers “Straight Out The Jungle(Sounds Of Safari Remix)”

One Response to “That Was Fresh Vol. 1”

  1. BOBBY MYERS August 18, 2017 at 6:48 AM #

    My neck hurts from 45 minutes of head bobbing.


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