Thank God For Hip-Hop

25 Oct


A mix of some records I like. A lot of remixes and some chill Hip-Hop tracks. DJ Shadow, Dr. Octagon, Dangermouse, MF Doom, Shawn Lee, Boogiemonsters. Thank God.

  1. Dangermouse “Daydream(Dangermouse Mix)”
  2. DJ Shadow “Six Days(Remix)”
  3. Shawn Lee & Nino Moschella “Kiss The Sky”
  4. The Cool Kids “Black Mags(Instrumental)”
  5. Sir Mix A Lot “Posse On Broadway(Godzilla Remix)”
  6. Blackstreet “No Diggity(All Star Remix)”
  7. Slug/Aesop Rock/MF Doom “Put Your Quarter Up”
  8. Gangstarr “Ex To The Next Girl(Remix)”
  9. Gravediggaz “1-800-SUICIDE(Instrumental)”
  10. RZA as Bobby Digital “Holocaust”
  11. Dr. Octagon “Blue Flowers”
  12. MF Doom “Hey!”
  13. DJ Shadow “Midnight In A Perfect World”
  14. Jeru Tha Damaja “Me, Not The Paper”
  15. Lootpack “Questions(Remix)”
  16. Boogiemonsters “Strange”
  17. Too Short “In The Trunk(Glove Compartment Remix)”
  18. Hi-C “Sitting In The Park”
  19. William S. Burroughs “A Thanksgiving Prayer”

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