Blazin’ Beatz

3 Sep


Sit back and light one up. Vape one. Eat a brownie or candy. Put on your THC Balm. Or whatever. The spindoctor is here to take you on a trippy Hip-Hop ride. Bangin’ Beatz to make your head spin. Fries not included.

  1. The Roots “Clones”
  2. Arrested Development “People Everyday”
  3. Push Button Objects w/ Del, Mr. Lif, DJ Craze “360°
  4. People Under The Stairs “Out Da Club”
  5. Dilated Peoples “Work The Angles”
  6. Special Ed “Freaky Flow”
  7. Notorious BIG “Who Shot Ya?”
  8. Street Smartz “Metal Thangz”
  9. Genius w/Method Man “Shadowboxin’”
  10. The Large Professor “I Juswannachill”
  11. Little Brother “For You”
  12. Ugly Duckling “I Did It Like This”
  13. Jigmastas “Till The Day”
  14. Quasimoto “Boom Music”

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