That Was Fresh Vol. 3

8 Nov


My old school Hip-Hop mix series, Vol. 3. All vinyl records, as always. Ultramagnetic MC’s, Sweet Tee, The Masterdon Committee, Kid ‘N Play. Doesn’t get any Fresher than this. Cop it.

  1. Double Dee & Steinski “Lesson 3”
  2. Tuff Crew “My Part Of Town”
  3. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five “Supperrappin’”
  4. Raheem “I’m The King”
  5. Masters Of Ceremony “Dynamite”
  6. Ultramagnetic MC’s “Break North”
  7. Doug E. Fresh “Just Having Fun(Do The Beat Box)”
  8. Kid ‘N Play “Last Night”
  9. The Masterdon Committee “Funkbox Party(Live)”
  10. Whodini “Five Minutes Of Funk(Instrumental)”
  11. Pumpkin & The Profile All-Stars “Here Comes That Beat!(Instrumental)”
  12. The Sequence “Funk You Up”
  13. Sweet Tee “As The Beat Goes On”
  14. Slick Rick “Mona Lisa”
  15. KRS-ONE “I’m Still Number One(Numero Uno Remix)”
  16. Jimmy Spicer “The Bubble Bunch”

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