Blazin’ Beatz 2 – The Second Joint

16 Jan



Just made another trip to the dispensary and picked up some more tasty treats for the second Blazin’ Beatz smoke session. Plenty of Canna-butter infused loops to satisfy even the pickiest Hip-Hop head. 50 mgs of CBD(Crazy Beats and Drums) per dose. Let the self medication begin.

  1. NWA “Chin Check(DJ Mighty MI Remix)”
  2. Channel Live/KRS One “Mad Izm”
  3. Biz Markie “Nobody Beats The Biz”
  4. Oh No “Chump”
  5. People Under The Stairs “Yield”
  6. Old Dirty Bastard “Shimmy Shimmy Ya(Extended Version)”
  7. Sadat X “Hang ‘Em High”
  8. X-Clan “Fire And Earth”
  9. Jaylib “Red”
  10. Blahzay Blahzay “Good Cop Bad Cop”
  11. Boogie Down Productions “Black Cop”
  12. Nine “Whutcha Want?(Remix)”

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