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Sick Day

14 Sep


One day in 2009 I stayed home sick. I was bored so I made this mixtape. The one day sick day mixtape. It’ll cure all your ails. Featuring LA Dream Team, Jimmy Spicer, The Sugarhill Gang, The Gorillaz and more. Listen a little past the end of the mix to hear a hidden track by Dorando and The Ice Picks of Soul chopped and cut the fuck up by KC legend Joc Max. Cough.

  1. L.A. Dream Team “The Dream Team Is In The House”
  2. Jimmy Spicer “Adventures Of Super Rhyme”
  3. The Blackbyrds “Rock Creek Park”
  4. X-Clan “Funkin’ Lesson”
  5. De La Soul “Me, Myself And I”
  6. Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock “It Takes Two”
  7. Chubb Rock “Treat ‘Em Right”
  8. Pete Rock & CL Smooth “All Souled Out”
  9. The Sugarhill Gang “Apache”
  10. The Gorillaz “DARE”
  11. Jungle Brothers “Straight Out The Jungle(Sounds Of Safari Remix)”