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Valentine’s Day

10 Jan



Early Valentine’s Day gift. Just to show how much I love you. Old School Hip Hop mix I made for Valentines Day in 2009. Classic shit. Biz Mark, Stetsa, Beastie Boys, Tom Tom Club. Don’t fall in love.

1. Kwame “The Man We All Know And Love”
2. Dana Dane “Cinderfella Dana Dane”
3. Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud “Life Of The Party”
4. NWA “Express Yourself”
5. Bozo Meko “Spread Love(Remix)”
6. Biz Markie “Just A Friend”
7. Stetsasonic “Faye”
8. The B Boys “Girls”
9. The Real Roxanne “The Real Roxanne”
10. Beastie Boys “Hey Ladies”
11. Tom Tom Club “Genius Of Love”
12. Hi-C “I’m Not Your Puppet”
13. MC Chill “Jealousy”
14. Bobby Jimmy & The Critters “Big Butt(Remix)”